Canford Environmental Limited
Projects likely to receive our support

1. Projects that are within the area from which the Body has received landfill tax donations in respect of Municipal Waste deposited and within 10 miles of an active landfill site. (This does not have to be the site from whose Operator contributions were received.)

2. Projects that demonstrate community involvement.

3. Projects that consider the Environment in all respects, including the use of sustainable resources and good ecological design, and those that can demonstrate innovation and /or inspiration socially or environmentally.

4. Projects that otherwise might have difficulty in being funded but have an environmental or educational aspect.

5. Projects must be Capital projects; we cannot support rolling or ongoing maintenance or operational costs.

6. Projects that benefit younger people and give opportunities of employment and education or training to young people and the socially disadvantaged.

7. Amenities should provide protection of the environment in its widest sense.

8. Projects must comply with one of the following objects of the Scheme:

(i)  the prevention of pollution

(ii)  the provision, maintenance or improvement of a general public amenity

(iii)  the restoration of a Church or Historic Building

(iv) the conservation of a species or habitat where it naturally occurs

9. Projects which we do not require 100% funding but which have other sources of funding available to them.

10. The total cost of any grant will not exceed £30,000.

Projects unlikely to receive our support

Schools  -  unless it is in relation to a community organisation who wishes to use a school/educational facility or its grounds for use by the whole community

Sports Clubs for operational facilities

Purchase of land, offices or vehicles

Project extensions or repeat requests for assistance

On-going maintenance

Projects with inadequate sustainability plans

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